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Located in the Libreville's third district, in the very center of the town, the Omniports Complex President Omar Bongo Ondimba already significantly changes the image of this part of the city, transforming it into an important center of gravity.

Its privileged position is undoubtedly going to attract a significant number of people, whose presence will require other structures in addition to those already existing, giving a strong impulse to the development of the district.

The urbanization and construction of mixed-use tall buildings are more adequate for a modern city center, creating space for offices and shops and improving the quality of public spaces.

At the same time, new buildings for sport and leisure, including the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education and the Institute of Sports Medicine will join the idea of ​​"Gabon services", aiming to improve education, health, working conditions and to raise employment.

Finally, the development of neighborhoods around the sports complex will make this area a real core of the urban renewal process of the entire third district, that will extend further throughout the city, attracting many investors interested the modern Libreville.